If Location is the Key to Buying Property, then Presentation is the Key to Selling it.


"Susan made our home look like something out of a magazine ..."

"We cannot say enough about Susan. Susan made our home look like something out of a magazine and we honestly believe that made a massive difference in the fast sale of the property. "

J. Dromgold
Rural View

"The professional service made it stress free and easy ..."

"The brilliant ideas and presentation to dress our home with furniture created our successful sale in just 1 day! The floor plan also complimented our marketing. The personal service made it a stress free & easy process. Great job Susan."

S. Ware
West Mackay

"I had Susan do her magic on my rental - The tenant had a young baby and there was strong evidence of that. Empty it was hard to tell one bedroom from another and there was no ambience. It's quite a cute house but with Susan's work it looked really gorgeous and appealing. Present Your Property For Sale finesse - what a difference."

J Snook
South Mackay

"I should have put nicer furniture in it when we had it as you have made our house look so much better than when we were living in it. Thanks again, it really does look great."

T Harrington